Sunday, 22 March 2009

Why we started this BLOG.

This BLOG has been created to document the development
of the Chroma lattice QCD library. In the past this type of
information was circulated using the email lists. One disadvantage
of email lists is that it is hard to find information in
your INBOX. The BLOG keeps all the information in one place.
To keep up to date with recent posts you can use the RSS feed of this BLOG.
The motivation for this BLOG was based on reading the
Scotgrid on Fire blog.

In the addition to this BLOG, there is also a wiki like area where documentation can be added. The user documentation site is hosted by google, so this should be easier to register
with. (Of course this means that google could be spying on your
work with chroma, well who knows perhaps you will get a targeted
advert about running code on the google cloud.)

Another way to keep up to date with the additional code
going into Chroma is to check the CVS commit logs. Just in case this BLOG doesn't get updated regularly.

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